So, I’ve been looking at the job market and apparently c# isn’t “cool” anymore. Ok, c# was never “cool” which is a shame because c# is a great, GREAT language. AND .net, despite what all the cool kids say, well, it’s fucking cool too.

Despite c# + .net being incredibly elegant, mature, and able to scale quite easily, the fact is the type of companies I want to work for/with simply aren’t interest in .net, and why should they be? It involves running windows for a start, and why would anyone want to do that (I myself write .net in a VM on my Mac).

In order to learn Ruby I’ve been following a great series of posts on RubySource by a fellow named Claudio Lassala written specifically for .net devs looking to switch.

I’m almost through all the tutorials (plus a few others on RubySource) and am getting ready to write some code. However, I thought in this post I’d share my initial thoughts so far:

  1. I know it’s not cool to say this, but damn it I just don’t get why anyone would ever give up static typing!!¬†Especially¬†when c# offers loads of dynamic goodness??
  2. Heroku does look pretty cool, though if you’r a .net web dev and you’re not using AppHarbor you probably hate yourself.
  3. I have serious issues with the fact that by default Ruby on Rails doesn’t seem to scale very well. I posted a question to stackoverflow in which the answer left me very surprised that Ruby on Rails is still being used!
  4. I am going to miss LINQ very very much. It’s one of the most powerful features ever introduced to application development. It’s just so good.
  5. Having said all that, I’m looking forward to learning something new. People like this Rails thing, there must be a reason.